Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Too Many Tutus

By-Suzanne Davis Marion
Illustrated by- Marj Hales
32 pages
ISBN: 978-1439218471
BookSurge Publishing

It is almost time for little Christina's ballet class, but she doesn't know which of her many tutus to wear. She ask her mommy for help selecting one, but Christina is told to ask her daddy. Her daddy says she has too many, so it's too difficult for him to choose, too.

Christina finally gets a big idea from her brother Max. Which color will Christina choose--green, blue, pink, yellow, violet, or orange?

I highly recommend this colorful children's book to parents, teachers, and grandparents-- or anyone who wishes to share it with a special little girl who loves ballet. The story is sweet and the illustrations are beautiful.

(Thanks goes to the author for my review copy.)


Cindy said...

Hi Barbara. Great new blog. I love children's books. I have a small collection of my own. I started it when I was an education major. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from school due to the economy and my loss of job. Who knows if I'll ever get to go back. Anyway, I love the blog.

Too Too Many Tutus sounds like a great book.

Barbara said...

Cindy- I LOVE children's books, too. My children had boxes of them when they were growing up and now that they grown, I still love to read them. I've even ordered new ones for myself, since theirs had become so tattered over the years.