Monday, August 17, 2009

The green Green Pear

Author: Manjula Naraynan
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: AuthorSolutions (June 3, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1438969570

Book Description:

What can be done when a little, green Green pear doesn't love himself, and wishes he were, "anything but a green Green pear"? Make him learn otherwise, of course! This book is about one such green Green pear and the journey he takes to learn to love. Leading to the understanding that true love and learning comes from within each one of us.The illustrations that take you through the story are collages made out of mixed media, done by the author to maximum effect. The green Green Pear is a contemplative classic, teaching children of all ages to first start with loving themselves.

My Review:
The little green, Green Pear wanted to be more than a green pear--anything but a green pear! He wishes to be a red apple, a purple grape, a yellow banana, an orange orange, or a blue blueberry--anything but a green pear. He wants to moo like a cow, meow like a cat, baa like a sheep, oink like a pig, and bark like a dog. He can't do any of these because he is only a green pear.

The green pear goes shopping for a new coat. He tries on all shapes, but finally discovers he can only fit into a pear shape coat.

Eventually, he is given many of his wishes, but finds that in his heart he is still a green, green pear and becomes happy at last.

This is a wonderful book which teaches children, not only to love and accept themselves and others, but also teaches them many things like colors, shapes, and sounds through delightful illustrations and language.

A must read for children! 5 stars*****

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