Monday, August 31, 2009

That Book Woman

Author: Heather Henson
Pictures by: Davis Small
Reading level: Ages 4-9
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Atheneum (October 7, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1416908129

Cal is not a kid that likes to read. In fact, he's a kid who lives in the remote Appalachian Mountains where there are no libraries. The only books he and his sister have available to them are the ones brought by horseback every few weeks by the Book Woman.

Cal's sister, Lark, is a bookworm who loves reading more than anything. She could sit all day with a book. Cal just doesn't understand why she likes to read so much, until one day he begins to wonder what makes the Book Woman ride through rain, wind, and snow to deliver the books. When he finally understands her dedication, it changes Cal's life forever.

Written as poetry, this book not only will inspire children to read, but it also gives a small glimpse into the courageous Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky. The Pack Horse Project was created in the 1930s by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in order to bring books to the young people of the Appalachian Mountains.

I give it 5 stars for being unforgettable.

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